Ask UXMatters

The good folks over at UXMatters have been kind enough to solicit my opinion on User Experience topics for their “Ask UXMatters” regular feature.

This week’s episode made worlds collide: my former life in the world of UX and digital product design and development and my current one in digital direct marketing. Actually, they overlap every day, but it’s subtle in the operational role I play at Leapfrog Online. Mostly.

This week’s piece is about form dropouts and the use of testing. There was another one not too long ago about building a centralized, enterprise-wide UX group in your organization, a topic near and dear to my heart.

And for those interested in ancient history, there’s a long thought piece I did for UXMatters back in 2006 about designing for bridge user experiences.

A bridge experience is one in which the user experience spans multiple communications channels, document genres, or media formats for a specific, tactical purpose. These sorts of bridge experiences, within the context of less abrasive digital marketing, constitute a significant portion of my work and the work of my team today.