The 1st Annual Leapfrog Online Pinewood Derby

Leapfrog Derby Entrants, originally uploaded by The Hitmaker.

Part of the ground rules we establish when people join the team at Leapfrog Online is the notion of Fun. We take our work seriously, but ourselves, not so much. Part of the execution involves what we describe as Antics.

While there was a brief but intense flirtation with networked FPS games during the winter doldrums, by far the best single set of Antics for 2010 has been the Leapfrog Derby, a Pinewood Derby with a Cub Scoutsâ„¢ official track and some serious engineering effort.

There were those who were working through past childhood issues around over-zealous and under-involved parents, those who just like building things, and those who were just in it for the glory.

A great time was had by all.